Humans at Work 

Launching August 2018

Humans at Work is a new podcast exploring how to bring humanity back into the workplace. Tiffany interviews people who work in many contexts - as business owners, service providers, makers, creatives, knowledge workers, childcare providers, and change makers of many varieties. The thing these people have in common is that they want to make the workplace more humane. 

Work is fundamental to our existence. Not only is it what provides for us, quite literally, it is also the way many of us spend most of our time. It can be a source of fulfillment, or it can be a source of resentment. It can be life-affirming, or it can be life-draining. We have more options for how we work now than ever before, and yet, many of us feel like we have less control over our work lives than we would like.

This podcast is about exploring how we re-integrate work into our lives in a way that is sustainable for us, the people we work with, and our communities. We hope you will give it a listen.